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What Does Good Look Like? Responding to Domestic Abuse

‘I just want us to be a nice family’

What does good look like in terms of the response to domestic abuse, so prevalent in people’s minds during Covid, and so prevalent behind closed doors all across the UK, before during and after Covid?  What does it look like if you’re a survivor, but no one has asked you? If you hold local budgets, juggling multiple decisions and limited funding?  If you’re a frontline practitioner, trying to battle gaps and issues in the system for your clients?  

World Elder Abuse Day 2021 – transforming the domestic abuse response for older people.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was launched by the International Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organisation in 2006. On 15th June 2021 people will unite on a global level to raise awareness of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of older people.

Working with survivors of domestic abuse: A Cafcass Family Court Adviser’s perspective

Cafcass independently advises the family courts in England about what is safe for children and in their best interests. Its vision is for every child whose future is decided by the family courts, to provide a service that prioritises their safety, their voices and their needs, taking full account of their families and those connected to them.

In this blog, a Cafcass Family Court Adviser shares her experience and thoughts on domestic abuse as it affects proceedings concerning children in the family courts.