Spotlight #4: 'Honour'-based violence and forced marriage


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What you can expect

In the fourth of our Spotlights series (1 May - 9 June), we’ll be focusing on the experiences of people at risk of 'honour'-based violence (HBV) and forced marriage. We'll be looking at the specific issues and barriers they face in accessing help, and how professionals can best support them.

Through a combination of blogs, podcasts and videos, we’ll be posting the latest research, practical resources and guidance. We recognise that we are not the experts in everything, so we want to hear from you. We're hosting a live Twitter Q&A on 8 June from 10-11am – use the hashtag #YourChoice.

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Read the policy report: 'Your Choice'

If you would like to reference this report, please use the following: SafeLives (2017) Your Choice: ‘honour’-based violence, forced marriage and domestic abuse.


Survivor story: Amala*

Blog: Dr Moira Dustin: 'Honour' and violence against women – what's in a name?

Blog: Mridul Wadhwa, Rape Crisis Scotland – Acknowledging sexual violence in forced marriage

Blog: Tina Ciccotto, Senior Idva at Victim Support, Tower Hamlets – Reflections of an Idva on 'honour'-based violence

Blog: Afrah Qassim, Savera UK - Breaking the Silence within Communities and Service-Providers

Blog: Maz Idriss, Lecturer in Law, Manchester Metropolitan University - The Problem with Forced Marriage Legislation

Blog: Dr Lis Bates – 'Honour'-based violence and risk

Blog: Dr Roxanne Khan – Three myths about 'honour'-based violence

Blog: Dr Hannana Siddiqui – State accountability for all: why should BME organisations do strategic litigation?

Blog: Lia Latchford, Imkaan - Thinking intersectionality: forced marriage and 'honour'-based violence as forms of violence against women and girls in a context of structural inequality


On Thursday 11 May, we hosted a webinar with Shigufta Khan, CEO of Darwen District Without Abuse. Shigufta has worked in the domestic abuse field for over 10 years and is a qualified Idva. She specialises in working with victims of ‘honour’-based abuse and forced marriage, and in February 2009 supported the first victim in the country to take out a forced marriage protection order. Watch the recording

Twitter Q&A

On Thursday 8 June, we held a live Twitter Q&A. If you missed it, you can see the conversation on Storify. If you have any further questions or comments to make, please tweet us @safelives_ and use the hashtag #YourChoice 


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Professor Aisha K. Gill: An analysis of Forced Marriage legislation in the UK