Facts and figures

The latest statistics and data about domestic abuse across the UK.

Data about domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is prevalent across all areas of the UK, and across all sections of our society.

There is rarely just one victim of domestic abuse – it affects whole families, and whole communities. We also know that the most vulnerable in society often find it hardest to access support.

The size of the challenge, shown below with the latest available figures, sets the context for our work to end domestic violence for everyone and for good.

Official statistics show the number of incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the authorities every year. But the problem is much bigger than shown in official statistics, as many victims and children don’t tell anyone about the abuse, and they are not recorded as crimes. That’s why SafeLives also uses data from our Insights database – one of the largest national databases of domestic abuse cases in the UK, with more than 39,000 records from 2016 to date.

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