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We are SafeLives, the UK charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for everyone and for good.

We work with organisations across the UK to transform the response to domestic abuse. We look at the whole picture for each individual and family, to get the right help at the right time, so families everywhere can be safe and well. And we challenge perpetrators to change, asking ‘why doesn’t he stop?’ rather than ‘why doesn’t she leave?’ This applies whatever the gender of the victim or perpetrator and whatever the nature of their relationship.

Last year alone, 14,000 professionals received our training. Over 80,000 adults at risk of serious harm or murder and more than 100,000 children received support through dedicated multi-agency support designed by us and delivered with partners. In the last six years, over 4,000 perpetrators have been challenged and supported to change by interventions we created with partners, and that’s just the start.

Together we can end domestic abuse. Forever. For everyone.

Our approach

Our work always combines data, voice and practice.

Survivor voice is at the heart and start of what we do. Survivors of domestic abuse are experts by experience – their voices inform our work, so we can truly meet their needs.

All of the work we do is evidence-based. We break new ground and build knowledge about domestic abuse, constantly developing our understanding of what works to prevent, stop and safeguard people from harm.

We innovate, develop and champion best practice, using evidence and survivor voice to continuously improve the response to domestic abuse. This includes working with local systems and training professionals to review and transform the support they provide.

Read more about our ongoing vision to end domestic abuse, and the values we uphold through our work.

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