Our values

What we are working towards and the principles which guide our work.

Our vision

Our vision is to end domestic abuse, for everyone, for good.

We aim to end domestic abuse through a whole picture approach. This involves listening to survivors and putting their voices at the heart of our thinking.

We look at the whole picture for each individual and family, to get the right help at the right time to make families everywhere safe and well.

And we challenge perpetrators to change, asking ‘why doesn’t he stop?’ rather than ‘why doesn’t she leave?’ This applies whatever the gender of the victim or perpetrator, and whatever the nature of their relationship.

Our ‘Whole Picture’ approach sets out in more detail how we aim to achieve our vision.

The Whole Picture Strategy

Our values

Our values are what defines us.

  • We are human: We put the voice of survivors at the heart and start of everything we do. We are warm, practical and collaborative.
  • We are rigorous: We start from the evidence of what works to keep families safe. We listen to survivors, services and our data and have an independent point of view.
  • We are brave: We test new approaches and find new solutions. We share our successes and learn from our mistakes. We are innovative and tenacious.

SafeLives Culture

Below is the vision of our culture. To truly transform the domestic abuse response, we must start from the inside out. A culture which stands in direct opposition to the personal, societal and political circumstances that allows or even endorses abusive behaviour.

We will create a culture in which:


  • Everyone feels valued and celebrates difference, as well as the things we all share/have in common.
  • Diversity is actively celebrated and encouraged – whether that is in your experiences, your heritage, your faith, your characteristics or your points of view.
  • We don’t make assumptions but ask and listen when we don’t know or understand.
  • The voices of those who aren’t heard are amplified.
  • People can be open about life struggles, mental health difficulties and domestic abuse – and feel supported in a way that works for them.
  • Everyone values lived experience, practical experience and research, with each element incorporated into our work effectively, at the appropriate times.
  • We are sensitive to trauma – whether disclosed or not.
  • We acknowledge that many of our team may have experienced trauma and work in a way that minimises potential harm.
  • We recognise people are central to achieving our mission and that people have all sorts of interconnected parts to their identity which may not be obvious or disclosed.
  • We don’t assume we know everything about someone.
  • We consciously work to model respectful, equal, and caring relationships that give dignity to everyone.


  • We value innovation, striving to find solutions and ways to do better and inviting people to
    think differently.
  • Both individuals and teams are reflective and diligently pursue continuous improvement – when we have made mistakes and also when we haven’t but know we can still do better.
  • We welcome feedback and take the opportunity to reflect on and learn from it.
  • We work collaboratively and are willing to help each other; running towards colleagues to support them and ask ‘what can I do?’
  • People say when they see something they don’t think is right and we work together to understand each other.
  • We look for practical solutions.
  • We leave no stone unturned in achieving our mission.
  • We go the extra mile.


  • Honesty and transparency is supported.
  • We are able to have difficult conversations and do this in a way that brings reflection, development and a feeling of being supported.
  • Putting your hands up when you’re wrong is promoted, and safe.
  • We all strive to learn.
  • New ideas are welcomed.
  • We know that pragmatism is a crucial ingredient for change.
  • People are open to challenge views they don’t agree with and be challenged.
  • We won’t always agree, and that’s ok.
  • It is ok to be vulnerable, if you choose to be.

Our strategy

Find out about our strategy for the future and how we plan to end domestic abuse, for everyone.
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Find out about the progress of our work - year on year – on the path to achieve our vision of ending domestic abuse, for everyone and for good.   

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Our operational plan

This operational plan sets out the areas of focus in 2023-24, as we work towards our long-term vision to end domestic abuse.

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