EEDI board statement 2020

Board statement on equity, equality, diversity and inclusion:

22 June, 2020

The Board of SafeLives is committed to putting the ethos and principles of equity, equality, diversity and inclusivity into practice in every aspect of SafeLives’ work, in support of the SafeLives executive team and wider staff team.

We know we have not got this right yet and we are committed to improving. With the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, anti-racist protests and staff feedback, we recognise that we need to increase our action.

Discrimination of any kind is an abuse of power; as an organisation committed to ending domestic abuse – another kind of abuse of power – we do not tolerate any discrimination towards individuals or groups in our organisation or society.

To accelerate what we are doing, a version of our EEDI Action Plan will be published on 1 July 2020, accompanied by this statement of commitment from the Board. The plan sets out specific actions and timelines, and addressing racial discrimination is a key priority.

The Board will monitor progress against the plan every six months, though there will be plenty of other opportunities in between for Board members to hear feedback in interactions with individual staff members, Pioneers and our stakeholders.

We recognise that, as a Board and as an organisation, we may make mistakes in our efforts to improve, but we will be listening and learning at the same time as taking action.

We want the whole SafeLives family – our Board, staff team, Pioneers and associates – to feel equal, diverse and inclusive. We want to be experienced as, seen and known as an organisation that is working in this way fairly and in the interests of all people, as we work to end domestic abuse for everyone and for good.

Isabel Boyer

On behalf of the Board of Trustees

Eva Bari

Shana Begum

Zoë Billingham

Alex Butler

Bex Evans

Liz Hughes

Ursula Lindenberg

Uzair Patel

Kelly Rust

Takki Sulaiman

Tim Symington

Cassandra Wiener

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