Responding to young people affected by domestic abuse

Young peoples violence advisor training course

Young people experience the highest rates of domestic abuse of any age group.1 

Improve the response in your local area to young people who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Our recent report Safe Young Lives highlighted the fact that the abuse that young people experience may look different to the abuse that adults experience. It also found that existing adult domestic abuse support is not always equipped to meet the needs of young people.

It is important that support for young people is delivered in a way that is responsive to their needs and their specific issues are expertly addressed. 

Our young people's practitioner training will increase your understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse and how it is different for young people. It will encourage you to consider how adolescence impacts on a young person's behaviour, the key risk factors for serious harm, and how to safety plan in a multi-agency context.

Young people commonly experience abuse through new technologies and social media, which can be used as a monitoring or harassment tool by the perpetrator. This training will help you to understand what technologies and apps are currently available and how to keep up to date as new ones emerge. 

How can training help learners?

...There is a real expertise needed when working with children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse in order to recognise and work with the impacts but also do the essential preventative work. If you have the opportunity...this can only serve to enhance your knowledge and skills.


As part of the specialist training focussing on young people and abuse, the course will look at the following topics:

  • Gangs and relationship abuse
  • Young people and intimate partner violence in the digital age
  • Young people affected by 'honour'-based violence and forced marriage
  • Identifying and responding to child sexual exploitation.
  • What is adolescence? How does adolescence impact on a young person's behaviour? What are the implications of this for practice?
  • Safety planning with young people in a multi-agency context



Young People 4 days Specialist course - Applications now closed

Please express your interest in future courses here:  Young People's Specialist training.

Price: £795   

Subsidies:  We are committed to supporting smaller and specialist services to access our courses. To help facilitate this, we offer a fixed number of subsidies (on two tiers) for services with an annual income of less than £1 million (£550 per learner) and less than £500,000 (£300 per learner).We use information on the application form to determine who to award the subsidised spaces to.

Time Commitment: 55 hours

*The course comprises 4 days in-room (currently virtual) training, delivered in 2 blocks; e-learning module which must be completed prior to attending  block 1 of  the training; and the completion of an assessed worksheet that is submitted online. 

To be classed as a qualified YPVA you will need to have completed a foundation course at SafeLives as well as the Young People 4 day Specialist training. 



Young People Foundation - Applications now closed

Please express your interest in future courses  Young People's foundation training 

Price: £2,400   Subsidies: We're pleased to be offering a limited number of subsidised places at £1,950 for charities or non profit organisation with an annual income of less than £1 million.

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1 Crime survey for England and Wales, March 2016