Engaging with those who harm

Our new Engaging with those who harm training is based on Engage, an organisational framework and set of practical resources for working with individuals perpetrating domestic abuse.   

This training course: 

  • provides professionals with an empirically supported structure for tackling issues such as denial, disengagement, and disguised compliance.   
  • addresses the challenges of an organisational culture that can develop around domestic abuse cases which focuses on separate and isolate as a long-term strategy to manage risk, rather than an immediate safeguarding action or a last resort.   
  • encourages learners to consider the goals of building rapport and engagement to support managing risk and achieving long-term safety and stability.  
  • provides a proactive framework for agencies and professionals to confidently, professionally and safely establish direct working relationships with DA perpetrators without compromising robust safeguarding and support for victims and children.   

This is an accredited four day course, costing £795.

The focus on practising our MI [motivational interviewing] skills, making sure everyone felt safe, the openness of the trainers to take our comments and feedback - they always made sure there was time for discussion and never cut people off. The importance of the different types of reflective listening and rapport building which is useful for any situation, whoever you are working with.

Previous learner

Applications for our autumn course will be opening soon. Register your interest here so we can keep you updated on when the next course opens. 


This Engaging with those that harm course helps build confidence and skill in responding directly to the perpetrator, extending existing professional competencies in holding them to account, assessing their readiness to engage in in-depth specialist behaviour change work, and effectively use referral pathways to those interventions. 

Drawn from Engage, a behaviour management model developed by Emily Alison (behavioural psychologist) and piloted, delivered and evaluated by Cheshire Without Abuse and SafeLives’ ‘Beacon’ sites, this training has been piloted in multiple settings and contexts across the UK. Pilot results of the model indicate substantial cost savings in terms of reduced incidents of domestic abuse (83%- 84% reduction in police call-outs), improved child protection outcomes, and reports from partners that they feel safer and more supported. Participants on previous Engage training reported increased confidence in working with complex patterns of domestic abuse; decision-making and working directly with perpetrators. 


For further information please contact Hayley Tate, Lead Trainer and Assessor: Hayley.Tate@safelives.org.uk

Register your interest here so we can keep you update on when the next course application opens.