Beacons: Engage programme briefing paper

Specialist support for each family member where couples want to stay together

Beacons (formerly known as ‘Connect’) was a pilot programme of interventions providing support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse. It ran between 2016 and 2021.

Too often we ask “why don’t you leave?” when the reality is much more complicated and there may be reasons why someone remains in an abusive relationship. This shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing help, but it often is.

In this intervention programme a Community Idva, children and young person’s worker and Engage Case Manager provided support centred in safeguarding and risk management that engaged with the family experiencing domestic abuse. Together, they increase awareness and safety of victims, accountability and responsibility of perpetrators and ensured that children were appropriately supported.

Key findings

Between 1st November 2018 and 31st October 2020 we supported:

  • 58 adult victims and survivors of domestic abuses
  • 55 people perpetrating domestic abuse
  • 32 children and young people

Victims experienced abuse for 2 years on average and 53% experienced multiple types of abuse.

    After support survivors reported that

  • 82%

    felt safer

  • 75%

    said their wellbeing had improved

Having support for me and the children [has made biggest difference to safety and wellbeing]. My children have lots of issues because of what their dad has done and it can be really difficult for me.

Survivor, Engage, Connect

    At case exit, caseworkers agreed that

  • 62%

    of perpetrators were aware of the impact of their actions

  • 53%

    understand their behaviour is unacceptable

...being able to emotionally engage with the individuals slightly better than I would have done in the past for me is a massive step in the right direction.

Service user, Engage, Connect

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