Specialist support for each family member where couples want to stay together

Too often we ask ‘Why don’t you leave?’ when the reality is much more complicated and there may be reasons why someone remains in an abusive relationship.

SafeLives Insights data reveals that 29% of victims are in an intimate relationship with the perpetrator at the point of accessing a service and a further 8% of perpetrators are family members (rather than intimate partners).1 One in four (23%) victims will be living with the perpetrator of abuse.2

These factors should not be barriers to accessing help, but currently they are. Victims still living with the perpetrator will experience abuse for six years before they get effective help – that’s double the time that it takes for those who are not living with the perpetrator. Despite being more likely to experience physical abuse (85% vs 78%), victims who are cohabiting with the perpetrator are significantly less likely to report abuse to the police (59% vs 79%).Less than 1% of perpetrators receive any form of intervention to address their behaviour.4

Through this intervention a Community Idva, children and young person's worker and Engage Case Manager provide support centred in safeguarding and risk management that engages with the family experiencing domestic abuse. Together they increase awareness and safety of victims, accountability and responsibility of perpetrators, and ensure children are appropriately supported.


Connect Insights Engage

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“Having support for me and the children [has made biggest difference to safety and wellbeing]. My children have lots of issues because of what their dad has done and it can be really difficult for me.”
Survivor, Engage intervention


“The biggest difference has been the recognition that there are times where I do get angry and the ability to step outside and recognise that I’m in that angry shark music mode and […] further anger in this mode of thinking will only exacerbate and inflame an already difficult situation. I’m still not perfect but it’s something [I’m] a lot more conscious of and working on now.”
Service user, Engage intervention


For more information on our work in this area, see our Engage Insights briefing paper.



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