Our thanks go to...

Thanks are due to all the victims who gave their time at a crisis point in their lives to make a vital contribution to this research. Without you, there would have been no report.

Grateful thanks are also due to:

  • Dr Sue K. Jones, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol, who led the research project for SafeLives.
  • Former colleagues at SafeLives who established the Themis research project: Dr Kelly Buckley (Senior Research Lead), Victoria Hill (Director of Strategy and Development), Lis Bates (Head of Research and Evaluation) and Dr Tim Jones (Head of Research and Evaluation).
  • Principal Investigators at the five hospital sites.
  • Idvas (Independent Domestic Abuse Advisors) and Idsvas (Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisors) at the five hospitals and community services who recruited eligible victims, and their managers who oversaw participation in the study.
  • Dr Karen Morgan (Research Fellow, University of Bristol), who conducted qualitative interviews with victims and the analysis of these interviews.
  • Jennifer Daw (Research Analyst, SafeLives), who conducted analysis of qualitative interviews with hospital staff.
  • Lucy Jackman (Data Support Officer, SafeLives), who conducted analysis of qualitative interviews with Idvas, Idva Managers and Commissioners.
  • Dr Anna Blackwell (Research Analyst, SafeLives), who conducted the literature review.
  • Dr Gemma Penny (Senior Research Analyst, SafeLives) and Cassandra Jones (Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol), who conducted the statistical analysis.
  • Elisabetta Fenu (Senior Health Economist, Royal College of Physicians) – who conducted the health economics analysis. Dr Laura Wilkinson (Lecturer, University of Swansea), who acted as editor.
  • Will Hanson (formerly Data Support Officer, SafeLives), who acted as data manager.

Thanks are also extended to the Themis Expert Panel for their ready advice and help, particularly to the Chair, Professor Gene Feder, for his unstinting support:

  • Professor Gene Feder – GP and Professor of Primary Care, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol
  • Professor Susan Bewley, Professor of Womens’ Health, King’s College, London
  • Professor Sandra Eldridge – Professor of Biostatistics, Joint Centre Lead for Centre of Primary Care and Public Health, Queen Mary University London
  • Professor Louise Howard – Professor of Women’s Mental Health, King’s College, London
  • Lizzie Magnusson – Policy and Research Officer, Women’s Aid
  • Dr Amanda Robinson – Reader in Criminology, Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice, Cardiff University
  • Clare Rutterford – Statistician, Queen Mary University London
  • Dr Ravi Thiara – Principal Research Fellow (diversity and qualitative methods), Warwick University

We would like to thank Oak Foundation for their support towards this research. Kate Wilkinson and Harry Gaskell also gave a generous donation for which we are grateful. Without the support of our funders, this project would not have been possible.