Young people and relationship abuse

SafeLives young people and sexual violence trainingYoung people can experience sexual violence, physical violence and stalking as well as emotional abuse in their relationships. 

Frontline professionals who work with young people often feel ill equipped to broach this topic with them and unsure of the best response to a disclosure. We know that young people tend to turn to their peers for support, but attitudes towards abuse amongst young people can lead to abusive behaviour being condoned rather than challenged. This course aims to offer guidance on taking a lead and offering interventions to young people in abusive relationships.

You can expect advice from trainers who are experts in the field of domestic abuse, who also have experience of working with young people. The aim of this course is to:

  • provide you with the confidence to ask young people about their relationships
  • improve your knowledge of how to respond to disclosures of abuse
  • develop your knowledge and understanding of the services available to help teenagers in abusive intimate relationships
  • enhance your understanding of what defines relationship or domestic abuse and more specifically, what is deemed ‘high risk' abuse
  • help you to understand how adolescents may be vulnerable as a result of their life stage
  • provide you with the opportunity to share experience and best practice with other professionals


Who is the course for?

This course is positioned as introductory level domestic abuse training for professionals who may come into contact with young people in their day to day work. This could include: social care professionals, youth workers, teachers with pastoral care duties and school nurses, amongst others.


Further information

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