Support for survivors to recover from the harm, heal and build resilience

It is not enough to merely make people safe from immediate danger. We need to create clear pathways of support to help them move on from the trauma of domestic abuse, and build confidence and resilience so they can thrive and live a life free from fear.

The Step Down and Recovery programme support survivors who may be ‘stepping down’ from other services or programmes, with any ongoing needs to undo the trauma and impact of abuse. Some may be ‘stepping in’ to services for the first time, accessing help and support through groups or contact with a peer mentor. Recovery is defined by how each person sees it or wants it to be, and personalised goals are developed and worked towards on this basis.


Connect Insights Step Down and Recovery

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“I enjoyed talking to other women about our experiences and banding together. The team made us feel so supported and listened to. I feel like I’m more entuned now to the fact that I didn’t deserve the abuse, before I had been drilled into that I had deserved it.”
Survivor, Step Down and Recovery intervention


For more information on our work in this area, see our Step Down and Recovery Insights briefing paper.