Video resources on the Marac process

New to Marac? We've created a series of short films to help you understand more about the process. These videos cover everything from the completion of the Dash risk checklist to what to expect on you're at the Marac meeting.

If you're unable to watch the videos on YouTube, or would like to download a copy of any of the videos for free, visit our Vimeo page.

What is a Marac?

This video explains why Maracs were set up, how they help victims of domestic abuse at high risk of serious harm or murder, and what types of professionals are expected to attend.

An introduction to risk identification in domestic abuse cases

This video has been created for professionals who may come into contact with victims of domestic abuse through their work and be required to refer an individual to a service or Marac.

The Marac meeting: roles and information sharing

If you have been invited to attend a Marac, this short film should give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare.

The Marac meeting: action planning

An essential part of the Marac meeting is ensuring action points are assigned to each of the risks identified in relation to the victim and their children.