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Feeling confident, understood, and prepared for the future – where is RSE going wrong?

We are so grateful to the member of SafeLives’ Young Changemakers Panel who shared their experience of Relationships and Sex Education classes with us.


“I’m 19 years old, so when I was in school Relationships & Sex Education, or RSE, wasn’t a legal requirement like it is now, but I did have some RSE lessons, and my younger siblings have also studied RSE.


'Young people deserve a better response' - the importance of age appropriate support for young people experiencing domestic abuse

Lucy McDonald is SafeLives’ Training Development Officer for Scotland. In this blog she talks about the importance of a specialist, age appropriate response for young people experiencing domestic abuse and the benefits of our 'Responding to young people' training. 

In the early 2000s as a keen new graduate, I was working occasional shifts in a hostel for young homeless people. This is where I first encountered domestic abuse, although I didn’t immediately realise it at the time.