Some of our corporate partners

We are so grateful for the support of two of our current corporate partners. Domestic abuse will be affecting the people you care about most, your customers and clients. Get your company involved and help us make sure that nobody has to deal with domestic abuse alone. 


Wise Helpful Owls is launching a new directory of part-time and project employment opportunities.

Wise Helpful Owls gives £5 from every subscription to SafeLives, helping us to do more to support people to become safe, well and rebuild their lives.




We are partnering with Vodafone to help victims of domestic abuse to remain safely connected to their loved ones while accessing support. 

The Vodafone Lifeline Pilot, launched in December 2017, is funded by Vodafone and run in partnership with SafeLives. The latest round of the pilot has is being rolled out via 120 frontline domestic abuse workers in hospitals and GP surgeries in the UK, and allows practitioners to provide free phones and SIM cards for their clients. The phones aim to give survivors a chance to stay in contact with family, friends and support networks with a new number, reducing their chance of being tracked down by the perpetrator of the abuse.

You can read more about Vodafone’s wider work to use tech innovation to help survivors of domestic abuse.