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How funding SafeLives’ work can help us transform the UK’s response to domestic abuse.

Fund our work to help us transform the UK’s response to domestic abuse.

SafeLives is grateful for the trust and confidence funders have in us, giving grants and donations so that we can deliver our compelling Whole Picture strategy to end domestic abuse.

Grant-making trusts and foundations, philanthropists and companies are funding ground-breaking ways to act before harm occurs, to challenge perpetrators, and to increase the safety and recovery of survivors.

Your grant can help us to create real and lasting change. Please contact either Frances or Alison (our Head of Fundraising job-share) with any questions, or to discuss making a larger donation.

Alison Pavier – alison.pavier@safelives.org.uk or 07394 562 493 (Monday – Wednesday)

Frances Caluori – frances.caluori@safelives.org.uk or 07387 106 373 (Wednesday – Friday)

What our funders say about us:

As ever, I am amazed at what you achieve. Your work seems to proceed at pace and you are achieving some substantial results.   For a small team, you are certainly effective…I think we are lucky to be working with SafeLives!’


It is a real pleasure to learn about the work you are doing with this project, it sounds highly impactful.


Two million people experience domestic abuse in the UK each year. Not one of them should have to wait until they’re in crisis before we pay attention. We believe that domestic abuse can be stopped. Stopped before it starts. Stopped before it ruins lives.

We know that children are still hugely hidden from support, and that growing up in households with an atmosphere of fear has a long-term impact on their futures. We also know that those who cause abuse – the perpetrators – are not being held to account or offered support to change their behaviour. Our research tells us that support needs to be more accessible for those with disabilities, those who are LGBTQ+, and those who need support with their mental health, the elderly or those from minority communities. These ‘hidden’ victims of domestic abuse are our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends. We need to listen to, and learn from, everyone. We need to see the whole picture.

Why support SafeLives’ work?

We are a leading UK domestic abuse charity.

  • We are ambitious: we want to stop domestic abuse from happening in the first place. With your support, we know we can end domestic, for good.
  • Our work is informed by evidence: we hold the largest dataset on domestic abuse in the UK and know what is really working to keep families safe. This data informs everything we do – from our conversations with policymakers to the content of our training.
  • We work across the whole family: perpetrators who cause the abuse must be held accountable for their behaviour; we know all too often, children are in the home and are hidden victims of abuse. We work across the whole family to ensure victims, and their children, become safe and well.
  • We work in partnership and with survivors: we work across organisational and sector boundaries. Our work is informed by the lived experience and insight of survivors and we strive to amplify their voices in all we do.

What we offer our supporters

  • Support from a dedicated member of staff: they will welcome you to our SafeLives family, provide you with key information and find out what works for you.
  • Regular updates: we’ll keep in touch and let you know how your gift is ensuring nobody has to deal with domestic abuse alone.
  • Visits: the opportunity to visit our programmes and hear from survivors and professionals you’ve helped.
  • Invitations to exclusive events: for example, in 2018 we hosted events with HRH Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (now The Queen Consort) and the then Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Contact our Head of Fundraising, Frances Caluori, to find out more or to discuss ways to fund our work. Call 020 7922 7900 or email Frances frances.caluori@safelives.org.uk.

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We strive for best practice in fundraising and are registered with the Fundraising Regulator, complying with its Fundraising Promise.

Other ways to support SafeLives

Corporate partnerships

Join us on our mission to end domestic abuse through a corporate partnership. We work closely with each corporate partner to build long-term relationships.


Join our team of fundraisers taking on challenges and hosting events to raise funds for us, and access information on getting started with your fundraising.

Make a donation

There are lots of ways to make a donation to SafeLives including online, via the post, by text, and in memory.

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