The Care Journey

About the project

The Care Journey project was a piece of work established to explore and understand more about the types of support available to children and young people in the care system, affected by domestic abuse they’ve experienced. The aim was to understand key issues and risks, and to build a picture of what an effective trauma-informed intervention looks like for care experienced survivors to be able to experience safe, healthy, loving relationships.

Our findings

As part of scoping and research for the Care Journey project, the team spoke to 17 professionals with lived or professional experience, skills or knowledge of children’s social care and the care system.

Overall, conversations found that the current support for young people in the care system was inadequate in relation to support with recovery from domestic abuse, other adverse childhood experiences and support in forming their own healthy relationships.

Read the key findings from the Care Journey project

Our rapid literature review aimed to explore how care experienced people conceptualise, seek and experience their own intimate relationships, as well as how they seek support with them. Findings of the review aimed to identify key findings and gaps in research. The hope is that the findings contribute towards evidence used to design interventions and support around healthy relationships, and that these are adapted to the needs of the care experienced community.​

Read the findings from the rapid literature review

The Care Journey, Next Chapter… event

SafeLives and Amour Destiné co-hosted an event, designed for care experienced people to come together, share their work and create a space for creativity, inspiration and solidarity. The event activities included:

  • The Black Care Experience, Our Next Chapter – Judith Denton 
  • Emergent Poetry with Jamie Crabb
  • What Would Love Do? – Jerome Harvey-Ageyi, The Tope Project 
  • Closing remarks from Dr Stacy Banwell - Gender Defiance Society, University of Greenwich 

As an ex care child and working in local children's homes for several years as an adult, I believe that events like this are a great way to promote discussion, people's learning and understanding and thereby supporting change, growth and development.


We invited Bridge the Gap Media to record the event, and we’re delighted to be able to share a video of highlights from the day.



Some of our friends..

There are so many brilliant organisations and individuals who are working with the care experienced community. Below are some that we have worked with and who attended our event: