Domestic abuse training for employers

We know that as an employer, you want to do everything you can to keep your staff healthy, happy and productive. Sadly, we also know that one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse, meaning virtually every employer will have staff who are affected. 

Everyone at work knew. They must have done. I arrived late, left early, and was constantly checking my phone. He came to my office a few times and demanded to see me. It was so embarrassing, I’d say anything to make him leave. 

– Sophie*, survivor of domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is everybody’s business, and this includes employers. Two million people in the UK experience domestic abuse every year – and yet we think it is something that happens to ‘other people’. Domestic abuse is something that will impact almost every workplace. And yet so few employers have adequate policies or training about domestic abuse.

Employers are well placed to spot the signs in colleagues: anxiety, decreased motivation, seeming distracted, being late, being on the phone to a partner or family member very often – and yet so often no one knows what to say or do. This must change. This is not just about a well-intended policy, but real culture change. Campaigns such as Time to Change have had incredible impact in raising awareness of mental health and allowing people the time and space to talk about it. We need to see the same with domestic abuse. Conversations may be uncomfortable, but they can also be life changing.

Public and private sector organisations must recognise that domestic abuse will impact their workforce and taking positive action to support those who may be suffering in silence. Businesses from every sector need to take responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of their staff. This requires training, resources and leadership.

How can SafeLives help you?

We've supported organisations of all different sizes and from different sectors to improve their response to domestic abuse. Some of the practical help we've given to employers includes:

  • Developing a domestic abuse policy that is fit for purpose
  • Creating an environment that facilitates talking about domestic abuse, and building a culture of sensitively and appropriately raising concerns
  • Developing a network of trained Domestic Abuse Champions within your organisation

Bespoke training for your workplace

Our trainers are experts in developing and delivering training tailored to the needs of your workplace. We can upskill your managers and HR teams, answering questions like:

  • What is domestic abuse and how might it affect my employees?
  • How will I know if my employees are experiencing or perpetrating domestic abuse?
  • What is my responsibility as an employer and how can I support my staff?
  • We are a large employer and employ both a victim of abuse and their perpetrator – how do we manage that?


I wished someone at work had said something, asked me how I was. I think if my manager had known what to say or do, she would have liked to help, but the conversation just seemed too hard perhaps.

Make an enquiry

To find out more about how we can help, or enquire about a bespoke package for your workplace, contact Emma Robinson, Lead Trainer: emma.robinson@safelives.org.uk