Responding safely to young people experiencing domestic abuse

Young person

Thank you for your interest, there are currently no public courses available. To discuss running a course in your area, please contact us: Scotland@safelives.org.uk

Young people remain the 'hidden' victims of domestic abuse, with only 1% of those aged under 18 accessing support services.1 

This one day course will look at the need for a tailored response to young people experiencing domestic abuse and will help you improve the response in your local area.

Who is this course for?

Do you work with young people aged 16+? Then this course is for you.

This training is suitable for anyone who works with young people (aged 16+), including professionals in social work, education, housing, health and a wide young people support roles. 

What will I learn?

Join our expert trainers for a one-day interactive training event aimed at skilling practitioners who work in Scotland on how best to respond safely and effectively to young people experiencing (or who have previously experienced) domestic abuse from a partner. 

Throughout the day you can expect to develop your understanding of the attitudes of young people (late teens) and how to broach the subject of possible domestic abuse in their relationships. The course will run through how to use the risk assessment tool SafeLives Young Person’s Dash effectively. They will also take learners through referral routes and safety planning.

By the end of the course you can expect to:

  • Understand the reasons why it is difficult for young people to recognise and disclose abuse in relationships.
  • Understand the ways in which young people may behave in response to abuse.
  • Understand the importance of risk assessment and safety planning.
  • Understand the importance of child protection measures and of working with other relevant agencies.
  • Be aware of current research findings in relation to the prevalence and nature of domestic abuse between young people.
  • Have considered common attitudes held by young people towards domestic abuse and how to engage and challenge.

Learner feedback

This course allowed staff to consider the particular issues for  young people in relation to risk and relationships, this really helped them contextualise it and approach it in a way that was sensitive to the needs of young people...highly recommend it. 

More awareness of DA in young relationships is required across all agnecies.

It's a very useful training and would be invaluable especially for a youth worker with less DA experience.

I really enjoyed it. Found it interesting and practical. Feel I could go back to my work and start using the tools. 

It was a well presented and informative course that will enable me to support young people within my role as a Children's Worker. Interesting to learn about the differences between the types of domestic abuse in young people and the women we support. The course has enabled me to be more confident supporting young people who are affected by domestic abuse.

SafeLives' Insights Scottish dataset, 2016