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Marac chairs training in Scotland

A full day course that equips Marac chairs, deputies and representatives with essential skills to chair an efficient and effective Marac in Scotland

Key course features

Through our Marac chairs training in Scotland you will:

  • Look at the role of the chair in creating an effective Marac environment, ensuring all agencies are engaged and are identifying victims at high risk and producing robust action plans
  • Examine the recommended case structure for Marac meetings
  • Reflect on local circumstances and challenges, including in light of Covid-19
  • Consider the support available to victims at high risk of serious harm

Course overview

The four aims of Marac are to safeguard victims of domestic abuse, manage perpetrators’ behaviour, safeguard professionals and make links with all other safeguarding processes.

The role of the Marac chair (or deputy chair) is central to the efficiency and effectiveness of a Marac. This full day course will give you the skills and knowledge to act decisively and effectively when chairing a Marac in Scotland.

This Marac chairs training in Scotland is designed for those who hold the position of Marac chair, deputy, or Marac representative, and would like to gain the essential skills needed to Chair Marac.

On our Marac chairs training you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and apply the 10 principles of an effective Marac in local practice
  • Use the recommended case structure to facilitate effective Marac meetings
  • Understand how to improve the effectiveness of Marac and initiate local improvement
  • Encourage effective action planning which increases the safety of the victim and their family.

Breadth of content covered; thorough and well structured approach; opportunities to learn from other participants' experience

Previous learner

Available training

Marac chairs open course

Date: Thursday 5th September

Time: 10am – 16:30pm

Time commitment

Our Marac chairs training in Scotland is a full day online workshop. This training is delivered in group sessions online via Teams and you will be expected to keep your camera on for the duration of the training.


Our Marac chairs training in Scotland is designed for those who are new to (or soon to start) the role of Marac chair, or those who hold the position of Marac deputy or Marac representative, as well as those who want to undertake refresher training.

Learners must be based in Scotland to be eligible for this course.

Please note that a maximum of four applications per Marac will be considered for each cohort to ensure an even spread of attendees from across Scotland.


£75 per learner for the full day course.

How to apply

Applications for the next Marac chairs training in Scotland are open now, apply through the link above.

If you cannot make the next course date, please register your interest in future training


We welcome learners of all backgrounds and abilities. We encourage you to share with us any details on accessibility and diversity needs so we can ensure the right support is in place. You can also contact us if you have any queries via

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