10 principles of an effective Marac

Principles to underpin an effective Marac and support everyone involved in delivery

The four aims of Marac are to:

  • safeguard victims of domestic abuse
  • manage perpetrators’ behaviour
  • safeguard professionals
  • make links with all other safeguarding processes.

The 10 principles underpin an effective Marac and support everyone involved to deliver these aims. At the core of each principle is the safety of the victim, which needs to be considered at all stages of the process. Ensuring that the victim is supported throughout and their needs represented at the Marac is crucial to managing risk, improving and maintaining safety, and reducing repeat victimisation.

    The 10 principles

    This guidance looks at each principle in detail, considering what good looks like, why it's important and how it's evidenced.

  • 1.


    Professionals recognise domestic abuse, risk assess and identify high-risk cases based on the referral criteria for Marac.

  • 2.

    Referral to Marac and Idva

    All victims who meet the Marac threshold are referred to Marac and Idva.

  • 3.

    Multi-agency engagement

    Agencies that can contribute to safeguarding high-risk victims, associated children and vulnerable adults attend the Marac.

  • 4.

    Independent representation and support for victims

    All high-risk victims are offered the support of an Idva; their views and needs are represented at Marac.

  • 5.

    Information sharing

    Marac representatives share relevant, proportionate, and risk-focused information.

  • 6.

    Action planning

    Multi-agency action plans address the risk to the victim, safeguard children and adults at risk, and manage perpetrator behaviour.

  • 7.

    Number of cases

    The Marac hears the recommended volume of cases.

  • 8.


    The Marac addresses the unique needs of victims with protected characteristics.

  • 9.

    Operational support

    There is sufficient support and resources to support effective functioning of the Marac.

  • 10.


    There is effective strategic support and leadership of the Marac and Idva response, and agencies work together effectively.

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