Marac suggested agenda

A one page resource providing a suggested agenda for Marac meetings

This template agenda can be used for Marac meetings. It may be adapted at local Marac level but the agenda should always align with the 10 Principles of an effective Marac. We believe the 10 principles promote good practice in and around the Marac to ensure that victims of domestic abuse receive a consistent, safety-focused service wherever they are based whilst allowing for local differences in practice.

The suggested agenda outlines:

  • Introduction of all attendees
  • Chair reads out Marac confidentiality statement
  • Confidentiality statement signed by all attendees
  • Incomplete actions from last meeting brought to the attention of the Chair
  • Chair invites discussion of new cases referred (the ‘Marac list’) to the Marac involving children (after these are completed agencies providing services to children may leave) followed by cases involving adults only
  • Notification of Marac cases where 12 months have passed since the last Marac
  • Any other business

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