Training for Marac representatives

This course is suitable for those who are new to the role of Marac agency representative, as well as those who want to undertake refresher training. 

The role of the chair is central to the efficiency and effectiveness of a Marac. This one day course is designed for those who hold the position of Marac chair, deputy, or Marac representative.

Upcoming training:

SafeLives Online Marac Training  

Friday 21st January 2022, 9.30am - 3.30pm

Platform: Zoom


The course will equip you with the essential skills needed to: 

  • Implement and sustain an effective Marac, ensuring that all appropriate agencies are engaged, that they are identifying high-risk victims and producing robust action plans
  • Reflect on local circumstances influencing your Marac and address these with the assistance of SafeLives
  • Increase the support available to high-risk victims

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Understand and apply the 10 principles of an effective Marac
  • Understand the Marac review process in order to improve the effectiveness of the Marac and drive improvement
  • Understand the Marac ‘peer review’ process
  • Build transferable skills and apply them to other areas of public protection, such as Mappa and child protection

"The day provided me with a lot of improved understanding of the process and tips around effective chairing techniques” 

The cost of this course is £120 per person. 

Applications for this course are OPEN. Please click the link to REGISTER

If you cannot attend the training date, please Register your interest in future Marac training


Request group Marac Representative training for your area

Request Marac representative training and we'll be pleased to come to you and tailor the course to your needs. 

The course is suitable for those who want to gain: 

  • Understanding of the process for a multi-agency response and how their role fits within this
  • Valuable skills and experience in order to provide the support necessary for their Marac to operate effectively

At the end of this training course delegates will be able to: 

  • Explain the Marac process
  • Identify the benefits of implementing an effective Marac
  • Examine the ten principles for an effective Marac
  • Explain the benefits of using a single multi-agency risk checklist
  • Identify high-risk victims using the SafeLives Dash risk checklist
  • Describe the referral criteria and the referral process for Marac
  • State the legislation which supports the lawful sharing of information
  • Formulate an action plan which focusses on risks and safety
  • Create a multi-agency development plan for their Marac which addresses local issues

The cost of running this course face-to-face, in-house at your chosen venue is: 

  • For groups of up to 12 learners - £1,800 
  • For groups of up to 24 learners - £2,195 

The cost of running this course online via Zoom is: 

  • For groups of up to 24 learners - £1,500

The fee does not cover inclusion of training venue costs, refreshments or lunch, nor does it include the provision of projector and training equipment eg flipchart stands or projector screens. 

Request Marac training for your area

To find out more about Marac training in your area, call 0117 403 3224 or email training@safelives.org.uk