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SafeLives are delighted to announce they have been jointly commissioned by the Welsh Government to deliver a range of domestic abuse and gender-based violence training.

Each year over two million people in the UK experience domestic abuse. In Wales alone, the number of cases where victims of domestic abuse are at high risk and in imminent danger of serious harm or murder has been increasing by 10% year on year.

The Welsh Government has commissioned a range of accredited training to upskill and educate professionals so that they can identify victims of domestic abuse and gender-based violence more quickly; provide responsive, person-centred support that will meet the needs of victims and their families; and tackle the behaviour of perpetrators.  

The Stori and SafeLives partnership will deliver three training programmes, including the widely respected accredited training for independent domestic violence advisors (Idva), who play a vital role in supporting victims and their families; and accredited training for managers who deliver frontline gender-based services.

These courses are offered as part of the Welsh Government’s commitment to the ongoing implementation of the National Training Framework for Wales on violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence (VAWDASV).


Welsh Government Funded Idva Foundation Course 

Applications for Spring 2024 have now closed.

SafeLives are pleased to offer 1 fully-funded Idva course (24 spaces) to Wales-based practitioners.



Important information

*Your organisation must be based in Wales in order to be accepted onto a Welsh practitioner course. If this does not apply to you, please refer here to submit your application 

* Training Format:  SafeLives are pleased to offer a fully-funded Idva Foundation course for Wales-based practitioners. Please note, only Group 4 VAWDASV practitioners are eligible.  

*Accessibility: We welcome learners of all backgrounds and abilities. We encourage you to share with us any details on accessibility and diversity needs so we can ensure the right support is in place. You can also contact us if you have any queries at idva@safelives.org.uk 

Course Overview  

Our Idva training courses are for Idvas, domestic abuse practitioners and service managers who currently carry an active caseload or are about to start doing so. The course will enhance your practical knowledge, helping you provide the best possible support for domestic abuse victims, survivors and their children. 

The training is supported by relevant specialists from many different fields, including the criminal justice system, family law, child protection, sexual assault referral centres (Sarcs) and housing services. The training also includes modules on Multi-agency risk assessment conferences (Marac), Anti-racist practice, and working with minoritised groups experiencing domestic abuse or harmful practices. The content is designed to give learners the depth and breadth needed to support domestic abuse victims, survivors and their children in a multi-agency context from a whole family perspective. 

98% of learners told us they felt more confident in their role after receiving our Idva training

The course will support you to: 

  • help victims and their children feel safer through the provision of a quality Idva response 
  • develop your confidence and skills through group work, coaching and one-to-one feedback sessions 
  • share experience and best practice with other Idva learners while engaging in reflective practice 
  • improve practice within your service 
  • advocate for domestic abuse victims, survivors, and their children in multi-agency settings  


  1. Anyone with a current active caseload of adults in the community. This is to ensure that you have a varied range of case examples for your worksheets.  
  2. A line manager or equivalent role within an appropriate organisation, who can vouch for you for the entire time you are on the course and completing the worksheets. 

To promote diversity and widen our learners’ network, we will limit the number of successful applicants from the same organisation admitted to one course to two spaces. Please consider this before you apply to avoid any disappointment.   

Awards available: OCNLR Level 3 certificate in Domestic Abuse: Prevention and Intervention 

Format: 12-day training delivered in 4 blocks of 3 days 

Delivery Mode:  

  • Online training – this will take place via Zoom  

Assessment: 4 Written assignments 

Time commitment:  The course comprises 12 days (in-room, online, or hybrid) training, delivered in four blocks; e-learning modules which must be completed prior to attending each block of training; and the completion of four assessed worksheets that are submitted online. The list below provides guidance on recommended study time you should allow: 

  • Guided learning (training blocks, pre-course reading and e-learning modules) - 120 hours 
  • Worksheets - 50 hours 
  • Notional study** - 130 hours 
  • Total course time requirement - 300 hours 

Price: Places on this Wales course are free. Your organisation must be based in Wales in order to be accepted onto this course. If this does not apply to you, please refer to the Independent domestic violence advisor open course. 

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Welsh Government Funded Service Managers' Training Course

SafeLives are pleased to offer 1 fully-funded Service Manager course (24 spaces) to Wales-based practitioners. Please note, only Group 5 VAWDASV practitioners are eligible.

Applications for Spring 2024 have now closed.

For future course dates please register your interest here

Course Overview

Price: Places on this Wales course are free. Your organisation must be based in Wales in order to be accepted onto this course. If this does not apply to you, please refer to the Service Manager open course.


The training will take place via Zoom.


Written assessment submitted after online attendance. The course comprises 7 days of online training, delivered in 2 blocks; pre-course resources must be read/watched prior to attending block 1 of the training; and the completion of an assessed portfolio that is submitted online - please refer to time commitment

Time Commitment:

Pre attendance requirements – 1.5 hours

Online classroom - 18.5 hours

Video learning - 2 hours

Written assessment and Self-study - 98 hours

Total qualification time - 120 hours

About the training

The course is designed to help managers improve the effectiveness of their domestic abuse service by providing advice and guidance on their operational and strategic management approach.

You can expect assistance and advice tailored to the service manager role on how to work in an environment that is constantly changing.

Benchmark your knowledge, develop your skillset and learn how to manage and deliver an effective and safe risk-led service. At the end of the course you will have a portable progression qualification to take away with you.

Key topics covered by the course include:

  • effective and safe governance

  • human resources and staff support

  • sustainability

  • the commissioning framework

  • multi-agency work

Training for multi-agency professionals 

The partnership will also be developing and delivering a new modular training programme for multi-agency professionals covering topics that include the effects of domestic abuse on children and young people (DACYP), male victims, LGBT+ victims, stalking, and street harassment. Please go to Hafan Cymru’s website for information about the current offer.


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