For professionals in Scotland

SafeLives domestic abuse professionals trainingWhether you’re a service manager, Idaa, domestic violence support worker or a health or social care professional, we offer courses to help you grow your professional skills in specific areas.

Maybe you work in other areas where you meet victims of domestic abuse every day. You may work in children’s or adult’s safeguarding, education, housing, health, alcohol or drug services, at a Citizen’s Advice Bureau or local Victim Support service. The chances are that victims aren’t telling you directly about the abuse. But with training you’ll learn how to spot the signs, ‘ask the question’, assess the level of risk and work out how best to respond.

All the courses we run in Scotland have been specifically adapted for professionals working in the country.

Training in how to give domestic abuse victims all the support they need, for Idaas and professionals in Scotland. 

We are delighted to now be offering this popular training course in Scotland, tailored specifically towards Scottish service managers.

We are pleased to offer a number of new online courses for professionals in Scotland.

A one-day interactive training event to improve the response for young people experiencing domestic abuse.

We do not currently have any other training courses open, but this is your chance to let us know what you would like us to deliver and where!