About the Insights system

Insights is an online portal, designed with Paloma Systems using advanced web development tools, that provides instant access to your data at both area and role level. The system uses a single data entry form and you can track a client’s unique journey by adding review points. It is also possible to collate and create reports based on client feedback.

You can evidence specific areas of your work and how these link to outcomes for your clients as well as include relevant demographic and contextual information, for example, adverse childhood experiences and multi agency working.


How is Insights different from a case management system?

The main purpose of a case management system is case tracking, which means that these systems are flexible in terms of what can be recorded but limited in terms of reporting. As an outcomes measurement service, Insights evidences the impact that interventions have on client safety by comparing data from intake to case closure and provides you reports that you can then use to understand your service's performance.


A note from portal developers Paloma

Our web based case management systems for organisations operating in the domestic and sexual abuse, stalking and substance abuse sectors has been developed over the past 10+ years by working closely with domestic violence agencies, rape crisis centres, the Police, councils and the NHS. We have worked with organisations in each of these areas across the UK to produce our outstanding suite of applications which are updated on a regular basis to keep abreast of current changes and to enable agencies to operate more efficiently and provide a better service to their clients in turn.”

For more about Paloma, visit paloma.co.uk


Further information:

To find out more about Insights, for a free demonstration or if you’re interested in a quote, then contact us at rea@safelives.org.uk and we will be in touch.