Know the impact local domestic violence services have with SafeLives Insights

An evidence led approach to supporting victims of domestic abuse
Insights outcome measurement

Victims, survivors and their families need the right resources at the right time to help them become safe, sooner. For a service to achieve this we believe a thorough understanding of the complexities of client’s needs based on reliable evidence is vital.


What is Insights and how is it different? 

Insights is an easy-to-use, flexible, outcomes measurement tool that services can access online or have integrated with their existing case management system, enabling the service to collect, interpret and use evidence to improve their understanding of how a service is helping victims of domestic abuse.  

This tried and tested system will show you what kind of impact your local services are having. And it’s even more powerful when every service in a local area uses it together, with the support of commissioners.


Insights offers:

  • A better understanding of the needs of families across your area. 
  • A clear picture of the impact your services are having on the lives of families affected by domestic abuse.
  • A powerful comparison of your services against national data and similar services, giving you an objective benchmark.
  • The ability to carry out contract monitoring more cost-effectively by integrating Insights outcomes into service specification.
  • Specifically designed adults' and children and young people’s versions of the tool.


Above all it, using Insights will help you transform more people’s lives.

By providing information on ‘what works’, the Insights data will enable us to calculate the costs and benefits of the services in the future. This is critical as you have to appeal to both the heart and mind. Making a moral case for dealing with domestic abuse is important, but this needs to be backed up by a financial argument, which outlines clearly how early intervention can achieve savings by preventing long term costs.

Judith Gibson, Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Partnership’s (CEDAP) strategic lead


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