The voices of men and boys

We can't end domestic abuse without listening to the voices of men and boys. 

Men and boys are more likely to harm themselves and others, and less likely to talk about it. We want to end domestic abuse for everyone, for good. In order for us to get there, we need to open up the conversation about abuse and relationships to include men and boys.


In Summer 2019 we gathered the voices and perspectives of more than 1,000 men and boys aged 11 and over, asking them about abuse, masculinity and what a 'healthy' relationship looks like.



We also asked male survivors of domestic abuse to share their experiences with us. A big thank you to all the men and boys who took part. The results will help to inform our work, and allow us to amplify the voices of men and boys on these complex issues. 

Read the key findings from our Voices of Men and Boys work


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Ruth speaks to Justin Hancock about his experiences delivering relationships and sex education to young men and boys

Susie speaks to 11 year old Cole about what it's like to be a boy growing up today, and what sort of man he'd like to be.

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