Scottish Government Consultation on 'Improving Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Interventions for Victims of Domestic Abuse'

The Scottish Government consulted on how to improve multi-agency risk assessment and working for victims of domestic abuse in Scotland.

At SafeLives, we believe strongly that a risk led, multi-agency approach is the best way to effectively support those at high risk of serious harm or murder as a result of domestic abuse. The risk led model means ensuring the effective assessment of risk for each individual, in each individual circumstance, and tailoring safe responses to meet their needs in line with that risk. 

For over a decade, Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (Maracs) have transformed the multi-agency response to domestic abuse across Scotland. At the heart of the Marac is the working assumption that no single agency or individual can see the complete picture for the life of a victim, but all may have insights that are crucial to their safely. 

The risk led, multi-agency approach must sit alongside effective, robust training for all professionals on how to assess risk; that control and coercion is at the heart of that understanding of risk; that they still use professional judgement appropriately and that the risk is viewed as being posed by the perpetrator, not caused by the victim.  

SafeLives fully embraces the opportunity to work together with all agencies committed to improving outcomes for those living with domestic abuse. We cannot and will not do this alone when there is great expertise in so many organisations across Scotland. Together, we can create a change that will put an end to domestic abuse. 

Read the full SafeLives consultation response