Service manager training, Scotland

The SafeLives accredited training course for service managers in Scotland has been developed by experts in the field based on the most up-to-date insight available.

The course is designed to help managers improve the effectiveness of their domestic abuse service by providing advice and guidance on their operational and strategic management approach.

The course offers a portable progression qualification for service managers who would like to benchmark their knowledge, develop their skillset and learn how to manage and deliver an effective and safe risk-led service. You can expect assistance and advice tailored to the service manager role on how to work in an environment that is constantly changing.

Key topics to be covered by the course include: effective and safe governance; human resources and staff support; sustainability; effective tendering and the move towards a commissioning framework and multi-agency work. 

Course details

This course includes 2 days of training and 2 days of workshops.  It is accredited at Level 4 by OCN London and qualifies as 12 credits.

There are no courses open at the moment or likely to run in the near future, however SafeLives can deliver the course privately to organisations who wish a bespoke delivery for their organisation/partnership.  Please contact us at scotland@safelives.org.uk for more details.

Further info is available in our FAQs.