For Maracs In England and Wales

SafeLives Marac training domestic abuseA Marac or multi-agency risk assessment conference is a regular meeting in which local frontline services share information and work out how best to help victims at high risk of serious harm or murder.

If you attend a Marac you’ll know the vital role they play in protecting victims and their children. With training, you’ll be able to make your Marac even more effective. Gain valuable insights and skills, and emerge better equipped to drive the work of identifying and supporting victims of domestic abuse. 

Read our guidance for Maracs on sharing of information in relation to victims who may have insecure immigration status. 

Please see our Scottish Marac training here 

As chair (deputy chair), your role is central. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to act decisively and effectively.

This course will explain how a multi-agency response works and show you how to make your Marac as effective as possible.