Spotlights: Hidden victims

Our Spotlights series focuses on groups of victims who may be 'hidden' from services, or face additional barriers to accessing support. Each Spotlight brings together insight from survivors, practitioners, academics and other experts, alongside our own data.

Looking at the experiences of parents experiencing domestic abuse, and engaging with Children's Social Care

Domestic abuse has a severe and lasting impact on mental health - yet many survivors struggle to access the support they need.

LGBT+ people face significant barriers when accessing support. We believe everyone deserves the right support to become safe and well, whoever you are.

Homeless people face additional barriers to accessing support. This Spotlight focuses on how we can reach this group of 'hidden' victims of domestic abuse.

This spotlight focuses on the experiences of people at risk of 'honour'-based violence (HBV) and forced marriage. 

A quarter of young people exposed to domestic violence go on to demonstrate harmful behaviour within their own relationships.

Studies have shown that disabled women are twice as likely to experience domestic abuse.

What can we do to reach older victims? How can we make sure they become – and stay – safe?