Whole Lives: Improving the response to domestic abuse in Scotland

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Our Whole Lives Scotland report, released in 2017, pointed to inconsistencies in the response to domestic abuse across Scotland, creating a 'postcode lottery' for victims, survivors and whole families. 

We're pleased to be continuing our Whole Lives Scotland work, thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund Scotland, to explore some of these gaps and inconsistencies further. 

Consistency, that’s the thing that I’m banging on about all the time… that’s what we’re trying to push. Because there is such a difference and discrepancy….It shouldn’t matter where the victim is, they should get the same support wherever they are.

- Head of a domestic abuse support service

Beginning in 2018 and running until 2021, we are working with four local authorities, including Renfrewshire, Stirling and Aberdeen City, to improve the responses for groups of victims and survivors across Scotland who often remain 'hidden' from identification and therefore the support they need. 

Your story matters. Let us listen

As part of our Whole Lives Scotland work, we launched a national survey, allowing us to hear the voices of survivors across Scotland. 

We asked - what did you need in those moments that wasn't there? What made a difference to you? How can we make sure that those who need help get the right help at the right time?

Thank you to everyone who took part. We heard from over 300 survivors - from every local authority area across Scotland. Your support will help us build a picture for Scotland and directly inform our work.

We are currently analysing the results of the survey and hope to be able to share the findings soon. 

Meet the team 

Our Scotland team are working across Scotland to improve the response for all victims, survivors and whole families. Meet the team behind our Whole Lives Scotland work

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Read the report

Whole Lives: Improving the response to domestic abuse in Scotland

Improving the response to domestic abuse in Scotland


Our 2017 Whole Lives report builds on the knowledge and expertise of those who have worked or do work in frontline support roles, to get their practical perspective on service delivery in Scotland. 

Looking at the current situation and the context, we suggest practical ways of moving the response forward. We definitely don’t have all the answers, and there is much more to do to gather the required evidence to give us the full picture. However, this report provides us with the opportunity to understand what we know, what we don’t, and what might need to happen next.