DAART evaluation briefing

An evaluation of key data about the DAART online learning resource

This briefing document provides an evaluation of the DAART tool which is an online learning resource for professionals about domestic abuse and coercive control, focused on Scotland.

What is DAART?

The Domestic Abuse Awareness Raising Tool (DAART) was created by SafeLives, with funding from the Scottish Government. A wide range of stakeholders were consulted throughout its development. It launched in August 2020.

DAART is a free online resource for professionals, aimed at raising awareness about domestic abuse, by covering the following:

  • The definition and prevalence of domestic abuse
  • General awareness and identification of domestic abuse
  • The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018
  • Safe responses and referral pathways.

Although it was created specifically with the public sector in mind, DAART is hosted on its own dedicated url, which is freely accessible to all. The simple, interactive tool takes approx. 40 mins to complete and provides an introduction to domestic abuse and coercive control, as well as a directory of local and national services in Scotland. It incorporates animations, real-life case studies deriving from Scottish services, and some simple practical exercises. It also contains the authentic voice of Scottish survivors, in the form of quotes, and national data.

DAART is intended to be a first step in understanding the main considerations in identifying and responding to domestic abuse. It does not replace specialist domestic abuse training.

Evaluation of the DAART tool

The briefing provides an evaluation of DAART regarding uptake and usefulness of the tool for professionals and organisations seeking an introduction to domestic abuse and coercive control. For instance, the evaluation showed that between launch in August 2020 and the point of evaluation (end of January 2022), there had been approximately 17,100 unique visitors (organisations) to the website.

The evaluation also showed the distribution of the type of professional using the tool across Scotland included social workers, housing associations, education, the police service, medical (including nurses and dental professionals), children and families teams, criminal justice workers, and councils.

Further information about the DAART evaluation can be found in the full briefing.

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