Insights for domestic abuse services

An evidence led approach to supporting victims of domestic abuse

Victims, survivors and their families need the right resources at the right time to help them become safe, sooner. For a service to achieve this we believe you need a thorough understanding of the complexities of your client’s needs based on reliable evidence.

What is Insights and how is it different? 

Insights is an easy to use, flexible, outcomes measurement tool that can be accessed online or integrated with an existing case management system, enabling you to collect, interpret and use evidence to improve your understanding of how your service is helping victims of domestic abuse.  

What impact will it have? 

Insights will help you provide evidence of your work to funders...  

We have really good news - we have just learned that we have been awarded a three year grant for our work! I am quite sure our work with SafeLives helped our bid! We are applying to another trust for an extension for our work with boys, also using Insights data. 

...and Commissioners 

I look at data around demographics, referral routes and outcomes - I have worked with [the service] in line with the DSVA strategy to action plan provision, identifying gaps and commissioning pieces of work that the service lead on e.g. interventions around older client and young people who harm.  


Ongoing expert help and support  

You don't have to do this on your own. We now offer additional support in the form of access to our team of amazing Insights data analysts. Your dedicated account manager will support you on how best to read, interpret and act on your outcomes. Meet the team.  

An easy to use system 

We’ve made it easy to use because we know how important it is that practitioners spend time with their clients, not filling in forms.  

A system that suits the needs of your service and your clients 

Insights is a flexible, modular system. You can choose from a range of specialist sets of questions such as children and young people and sexual violence, or even work with us to design your own. We also offer a range of 'add-on' modules to help you capture information about specific areas in more depth, such as housing and mental health. Find out more about the SafeLives Insights system and the modules it offers.

Insights has been hugely beneficial for us: we have access to a much broader range of information on the issues facing our clients and on the variety of outcomes we are seeing... I think the other positive thing about Insights is that - if the data is used properly and  interpreted and shared with teams as it should be - it's a real motivator for staff.

– Insights service 

Improve your response – along with the rest of the UK 

Insights is the UK's single largest dataset on domestic abuse. Join Insights and you will be able to bench-mark your service's performance with other organisations right across the UK.  

In addition you'll also benefit by sharing in our learnings as our research team analyse the entire dataset and use their expertise to identify what effective support for victims, survivors and their families looks like across the UK.  

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We are on your side 
We will use the evidence we collect to speak out on your behalf and secure more money for the sector. In fact we are already making a difference


Further information:

To find out more about Insights, for a free demonstration or if you’re interested in a quote, then contact us at rea@safelives.org.uk and we will be in touch.