Diploma in Domestic Abuse

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We want you to feel proud and confident in your role as a highly qualified professional, which is why all of our courses continue to be accredited by OCN London.

By attaining a diploma, you will have proven yourself knowledgeable and capable in three of the four areas we have identified as key to helping victims and survivors of domestic abuse - Idva, Outreach, Victims of Sexual Violence and Young People. 

As more and more practitioners take up this qualification we hope more victims and survivors will receive the kind of tailored suppport that meets their needs, when they need it. 

How do I qualify for the diploma?

One foundation course will gain you a Certificate in Domestic Abuse. Complete an additional two specialist level courses and take home a Diploma in Domestic Abuse.

What other training is available?

We offer training at both foundation and Specialist level in four key areas. Each foundation course is based on what we considered essential DV training plus a unit on a specialist field. The Specialist units assume you already have this knowledge and offers the chance to learn in a different field. 

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