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Feeling confident, understood, and prepared for the future – where is RSE going wrong?

We are so grateful to the member of SafeLives’ Young Changemakers Panel who shared their experience of Relationships and Sex Education classes with us.


“I’m 19 years old, so when I was in school Relationships & Sex Education, or RSE, wasn’t a legal requirement like it is now, but I did have some RSE lessons, and my younger siblings have also studied RSE.


Katrina's story

It was when I tried calling a helpline to talk through my experience with emotional abuse and to understand what I had been going through, that I realised there was a bigger problem than just my own toxic relationship.

I tried calling at least five times over two days and all I got each time was an answer-phone message saying I could leave my number and someone could try to call me back at an appropriate time.

I didn’t leave a message but I did wonder how many other people struggled to get through to get the support they needed. I wondered how big the problem really was.


16 Days of Activism - Pioneers speak to Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service

On Friday 26 November, our Pioneers participated in a webinar for Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) sharing their experience of engaging with HMPPS as a victim and survivor of domestic abuse. Sharing what good can look like so that front line professionals can scale what works well and where there is need to change and develop services from their experience of poor practice.