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'Honour' and violence against women – what's in a name?

Dr Moira Dustin is a Research Fellow in the School of Law, Politics and Sociology at the University of Sussex. She is currently working on the European Research Council project SOGICA - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Claims of Asylum, assessing how fairly asylum claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity are treated across Europe.

A trauma informed response for working with young people affected by domestic abuse

Jo Sharpen is the Policy Manager at Against Violence and Abuse (AVA). In this blog she explains how the effects of trauma can manifest in young people affected by domestic abuse, and how practitioners and services can understand and prevent re-traumatisation of young people. For an audio version of this blog, visit our Soundcloud profile or scroll to the  bottom of the page.

Working with young people in abusive relationships – and how it's different to helping adults

Claire Amans is the Young Person’s Violence Advisor (Ypva) Services Coordinator for South Tyneside. Claire was trained as a Ypva through SafeLives Young Person’s programme, funded by the Department for Education. Here Claire reflects on the role of a Ypva, and how it differs to working with adults. For an audio version of this blog, visit our Soundcloud profile or scroll to the bottom of the page.

Why education is important for understanding domestic abuse

Amna Abdullatif is children and young people's officer nationally for Women's Aid. Her previous role as national schools engagement officer focused heavily on encouraging schools to implement preventative work through the Expect Respect toolkit.

One of the areas of work that Women’s Aid are passionate about is in relation to education and prevention, which encouraged the production of a toolkit, aimed at schools and other organisations working with children and young people, called Expect Respect.

The need for education and prevention is vital.