SafeLives response to Violence Against Women and Girls Report 2015-16 by the Crown Prosecution Service

6th September 2016

"Following publication of the Violence Against Women and Girls Report 2015-16 by the Crown Prosecution Service, SafeLives welcomes the continued rise in prosecutions for domestic abuse cases in England and Wales. We believe that far too many perpetrators are left unchallenged and unaccountable; we therefore are encouraged that there have been 75,000 convictions for domestic abuse in 2015-2016. 

We also commend the introduction of two new piece of legislation: 'revenge porn' and 'controlling and coercive behaviour'. They have seen 200 and 5 perpetrators charged respectively. We of course know these numbers should be much much higher and we look forward to the police and courts continuing to be trained in these areas to ensure a greater number of these crimes being dealt with properly. 

It is also important to note that 7 out 10 stalking prosecutions were domestic abuse related. As a sector, we must continue to recognise and respond to these two crimes alongside one another, especially recognising the continued increase of social media, which can allow perpetrators to inflict fear, even from afar. 

We need to send out a strong message to perpetrators that if you inflict fear, control and violence on your partner, you are committing a crime and there will be serious implications. Of course we know from our own data, that these prosecutions are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope through effective training, and the police and CPS working with other agencies, we will continue to support victims to not only disclose, but throughout the journey to justice, and rebuilding their lives".


Further information:

Violence Against Women and Girls Report 2015-16 by the Crown Prosecution Service

For more information, please contact Penny East, Head of Communications at SafeLives, on 07818 593 562 or by emailing penny.east@safelives.org.uk.


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