Statement about Home Office consultation on criminalisation of domestic abuse

20th August 2014

“Domestic abuse affects hundreds of thousands of families each year. Data from our Insights service of over 25,000 victim cases shows that most victims suffer multiple forms of abuse including both physical and psychological, and that almost 80% of cases include patterns of coercive and controlling behaviour.

“We support raising the awareness of professionals, including those within the criminal justice system, to recognise the impact of coercive control on victims, and expand their understanding of the patterns of abuse. The impact of coercive control is damaging to adult victims but also to children growing up with it, and thus we recommend that any changes consider addressing the impact of growing up in a household characterised by coercion and fear on the development of children as well as victims, and that both adults and children are protected.

“Caada welcomes the opportunity to consult on this topic and to identify practical solutions to provide better protection to domestic abuse victims and their children and to increase the safety of families everywhere.”

Please note, Caada is the former name of SafeLives.