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It's time to be bold: how can we use tech in the fight against domestic abuse?

In July 2015, Emma Murphy posted a video of herself on Facebook after she'd been beaten by her abusive boyfriend. Today, it has been viewed 10 million times with 23,000 comments. Many of these comments come from women who want to share their own stories; intimate experiences across geographical boundaries. Their connection is that they know what it's like to live in fear of a partner or ex-partner. They know what it’s like to experience domestic abuse.   

Domestic abuse, Delhi and digital doors

In India the response to domestic abuse is desperately inadequate. But although UK provision of services for domestic abuse victims and survivors is better, we shouldn't be complacent. As the Home Office works on its violence against women and girls strategy, we need to come up with bold new ideas for tackling violence in the home.

When did the conversation change?

When I was in my early and mid-teens I talked to my friends about boyfriends. A lot. Spurred on by it all being new and exciting (plus occasional doses of Archers and lemonade, Salt 'N'Pepa and More magazine) we talked about preferences, kissing styles, what he said, what I said, his clothes, his phonecalls, positions, how/what he smoked, whether he acted differently around his mates...