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Our Insights system provides the largest national dataset on domestic abuse in the UK. We gather data from services working with victims, survivors and their children, to build a national picture of the experiences of survivors, and the support they receive. 

Read our latest national datasets:

Idva Services

Outreach Services

Health-based Services

Refuge Services

Children and domestic abuse

Helpline Services (Data for 2014-2017. Last updated 2017)


Read our latest briefing papers:

SafeLives Insights national briefing on children living with domestic abuse

SafeLives pilot briefing of our Insights tool for sexual violence services, in partnership with Victim Support

SafeLives Insights national briefing on length of abuse and assess to services

Insights for domestic abuse services 

Our Insights tool helps services to understand, demonstrate and improve their impact. With the help of our team of independent evaluators, service managers can understand their data in new ways, and make sure the support they offer to victims, survivors and their families is the best it can be – as well as contributing to our Insights dataset which will influence policymakers and commissioners. 

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