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SafeLives are the experts in what works to make victims and children safe from domestic abuse, and keep them safe. If you want authoritative comment on how we all need to work together to end domestic violence, get in touch. Our directors have a wealth of experience of speaking on TV and radio, and at conferences and events, and advising documentary makers and writers.  

Please direct all media and spokesperson enquiries to Penny East, Head of Communications, on 07818593562 or

In this section you will find all SafeLives' latest press releases, and you can read our take on the news and new developments in domestic violence in our policy and practice blogs. And we have a comprehensive resource of up-to-date facts and stats on domestic abuse on domestic abuse, as well as the real life stories of victims and children who’ve survived domestic abuse.

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We are grateful to all the brave survivors who have shared their stories with us, to help others and drive change.

There are lots of ways you can keep up with our latest research and all the work we're doing to keep families safe.

Four years ago, following a request from the Home Secretary, we started carrying out an annual survey of domestic abuse professionals around the country.

#16days represents 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

Welcome to Star of the Month, where each month we'll celebrate an amazing professional who goes above and be

On 8th March 2018, International Women's Day, the Government launched their public consultation on the Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill. 

The consultation period has now come to an end and we have submitted our response. 

Our staff and partners write about what’s in the news and what needs to change so that every family lives in safety, without domestic abuse. 

The latest ways to help more families as effectively as possible – a must-read for everyone working directly with victims of domestic violence and their families. 

The SafeLives survey is designed to establish the number of Idvas currently working and to gain insight into the professional pressures Idvas experience.

For women experiencing domestic abuse, it can feel like every aspect of their world is controlled by the abuser...

What if home was a place of fear, not a place of safety?

That is the reality for the estimated 1.9 million adults who experience domestic abuse every year in the UK. 

Family members and their vulnerabilities interconnect. People do not operate in silos and neither should we.

Every survivor of domestic abuse, and their family, deserves the right response at the right time, to make them safe, sooner. That's why we're developing new interventions and ways of working that fill the gaps in the response to domestic abuse.