Domestic Abuse Matters: feedback and testimonials

We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received so far. Here are just a few examples:

Thank you for a very useful and professionally presented day. At times daunting, chilling content but informative, thought provoking and behaviour, perception changing. 

Detective constable Surrey Police

This is the best DA training we have ever had.

Surrey Responder

This training made it real and you made it totally relate to us and what we do.

Surrey Responder

If we had had this training a few years earlier we undoubtedly would have saved lives and prevented DA homicides.

Surrey Inspector

SafeLives DA Matters training really does deliver, its slick, to the point and very impactive.  Officers suggest its some of the best training they have received. It provided the skills uplift we required sending a hugely positive message across the constabulary. It’s thought provoking and has certainly influenced officers to consider better questioning around coercion and control.

DA Matters Lead Suffolk

We all agreed that it was probably the most relevant and beneficial training we’d had in years.

Suffolk Sgt Responder

That's the first training I've had in 18 years around domestic abuse. It was really good, brilliant, in fact.  It was impactive and has made me really think about how I'll approach it in the future.

Suffolk responder

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the above training on Friday. I was going to say how much I enjoyed it however some parts were hard going and it took a lot for me to sit through the video from Scotland. Bearing in mind I have been in the job for 26 years I still came away with  renewed vigour around the question of domestic violence and how I as an officer will approach it.

Suffolk Responder

One of our call handlers had an hour long call with a victim. She had stayed on the phone longer than normal because she thought she could detect more going on than the victim was initially confident to say. By the end of that hour the victim had disclosed multiple sexual assaults. The call handler feels she was able to make that connection with the victim because of the DA Matters training.

Assistant Chief Constable, Bedfordshire