Our vision and values

SafeLives domestic violence vision and valuesDomestic abuse is unacceptable. It’s a denial of human rights. But we can end domestic abuse, and build a society where every family is safe.

Since 2005, SafeLives has worked to stop domestic abuse, and make more victims safe. We set out to find common-sense, cost-effective answers that the whole country could use. And that’s what sets us apart.

The principles we work from are:

  • Safety: the safety of the victim and their children is the priority at all times. We focus on families getting safe, and staying safe – and nothing else.      

  • Led by risk: if we understand the risks a victim and their children face, then we can get them the right help as quickly as possible. And victims and children at the highest risk must be helped first.

  • Diversity: we’re here to help all families living with domestic abuse become safe. Most victims of high- and medium-risk domestic abuse are women. So most domestic abuse services will work with mainly female victims, and their children. But we also support services working with male victims and LGBT victims. And we make sure that domestic abuse services meet the needs of black, Asian and minority ethnic victims and younger and older people too.  

  • Everyone’s business: victims of domestic abuse and their children deserve to be well-served by public services and voluntary agencies. It’s not right for victims to have to negotiate services that aren’t good enough and don’t join up. Every agency working together means better, more timely help for victims. 

Day-to-day, our staff are guided by our values – rigour, humanity and courage. Together these express SafeLives’ way of working that is guided by the evidence, practical and independent, and puts family safety at the heart of everything we do.

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