Domestic Abuse Matters: costs


"That's the first training I've had in 18 years around domestic abuse. It was really good, brilliant, in fact. It was impactful and has made me really think about how I'll approach it in the future"

There are three parts to this change programme. Costs for each are included below:


Delivery of First Responders and Champions training:
£87 per person
In accordance with the guidance set out by the College of Policing 75% of all first responders to domestic abuse must be trained to effect mass behavioural change.

3 day Health check: 

Train the Trainer:
For up to 25 trainers: 
For individuals: £200 per two day event

Sustaining the change workshop for senior managers:



  • All expenses included but not venue or refreshments or welfare support.
  • Health check can be completed locally and product provided free to avoid the £3,775 cost
  • The College of Policing is in the process of writing the licence which will be provided free to forces to allow further training internally to future proof.

"Thank you for a very useful and professionally presented day. At times daunting, chilling content but informative, thought provoking and behaviour, perception changing."


Melani Morgan

If you'd like to find out more about Domestic Abuse Matters, please get in touch. We recommend you have to hand the total number of individuals who would likely be the first to respond to an incident of domestic abuse, be it victims (external or internal), perpetrators or children. This should include:

  • all response officers,
  • PCSOs or equivalent,
  • all specials,
  • front counter staff,
  • all detectives or staff that interview and process perpetrators,
  • all front counter staff,
  • all call handlers and control room staff.