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When you sign up for an Insights account, you'll have access to our amazing team of independent evaluators. They will bring your data to life, and work with you to understand how you can use it to best support your clients. 

Gemma Halliwell – Research Manager

I've worked for SafeLives for nearly three years. My research specialisms include research evaluation and methodology, statistical analysis and writing for impact. I currently manage all of our workstreams that involve evaluation, including integrating our national dataset findings into everything we do, and ensuring the quality of our data and analysis.

The best part of my role is supporting our services to evidence the difference they are making to the lives of people who experiencing domestic abuse. Our Insights national datasets inform every aspect of the work we do, whether that’s recommending best practice to our services and helping them to evidence their hard work or taking our key findings to the Home Office to inform new policies.





Jane Evans – Senior Research Analyst and Insights lead

I have been working for SafeLives as a Senior Research analyst since 2016. My role includes managing the delivery of Insights as well as working to improve and develop the insights service. Before joining SafeLives I worked for a school leadership union as a senior policy research analyst. I have also held a variety of roles in children and adult safeguarding, including working for a Local Children’s Safeguarding Board.

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Lindsay Sutherland – Research Analyst

I joined the REA team as a Research Analyst in April 2017. I have a practice background working in social care, housing & substance misuse services. I moved into research/policy work at a children’s charity in 2015 on a project focussing on the impact of a family member’s involvement in the Criminal Justice System on children. Among other things, I was a member of the research ethics committee, quality assessed new research, responded to government consultations and produced resources through consultation with professionals in the field. At SafeLives I manage several accounts for our Insights services as well as analysing national Marac data and supporting the production of Spotlights policy reports.





Michael Kettle – Research Analyst

I’m Michael, recently graduated from studying physics at Bristol, so I come from a more quantitative background. I joined Safelives in January 2017 as a data support officer, and moved up to the Research Analyst role in August. I’m currently managing three Insights accounts, and am working on publishing our Insights datasets. I also work on Marac data, and the Beacons project.






Alexandra Gampel – Research Analyst

I joined SafeLives as a data support officer in August 2016. I'm now a research analyst working primarily on Insights and Spotlights. Prior to working at SafeLives, I was a research associate in biochemistry at the University of Bristol.








Iona Hartshorn - Research Analyst 

IonaI started working for SafeLives as a Research Analyst in November 2017. I studied Experimental Psychology at Bristol University, and then worked in Market/PR research as an  Analyst and Key Account Manager for four years. My work at SafeLives involves managing Insights services, and supporting the research and policy reports for our Spotlights  series. 









Emma Retter - Research Analyst

Emma R (002)I joined SafeLives as a Research Analyst in January 2018 and am part of both the Insights and the Marac team. I come from a background in family law where I represented  victims of domestic abuse with emergency applications for protective civil orders such as Non-Molestation Orders. I also represtented parents whose children were subject to    care proceedings. 









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