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Supporting LGBT+ survivors of sexual violence

Bev Higgins and Mark Sisterson are LGBT+ Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (Isvas) at The Rape and Sexual Violence Project in Birmingham; the only specialist LGBT+ Isvas in the UK.  In this blog, Bev and Mark describe some of the issues that LGBT+ people may face when reporting sexual violence, and share some good practice advice.

Criminal justice responses to LGBT+ domestic abuse

Tiana Kooner is a third year Sociology and Criminology student at Cardiff University, currently writing a dissertation on the perceptions held by policy and practice stakeholders (such as charity workers) towards the services available to LGBT+ victims of domestic abuse. In this blog, Tiana describes some of her findings and recommendations to make services more inclusive. 


Barriers to accessing services for LGBT+ victims and survivors

Galop are the LGBT+ anti-violence charity, and run the national domestic abuse helpline for LGBT+ people. We are delighted to have Galop as our specialist domestic abuse partner for our Spotlight series. This blog is from Dr Jasna Magić – Galop’s LGBT domestic abuse research and policy officer – and Peter Kelley, manager of their London-wide domestic abuse service.