Marac minutes and action plan

Template forms and completed examples of minutes for Marac meetings and the accompanying follow up action plan

This resource provides a downloadable form for use in Marac meetings to note minutes and the accompanying follow up action plan.

The form is formatted as a form template with three sections to enable Marac professionals to capture relevant information during Marac meetings in an appropriate manner.

The first section relates to each case discussed, including key details about the victim(s) including any children and the perpetrator(s).

The second section provides a format to capture details regarding information sharing between agencies during the Marac meeting. It explains that information sharing should be relevant and proportionate and that the minutes should make a clear distinction between fact and professional opinion.

The third section provides a format for minuting follow up action plans relating to each case discussed at the Marac. The resource explains that the action plan should clearly identify and address the risks and needs identified and be SMART. Where appropriate they should include joint working and refer to other multi-agency arrangements.

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